Old Comiskey Park is coming to MLB The Show 23

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    • Old Comiskey Park is coming to MLB The Show 23

      One of baseball’s greatest cathedrals is coming to the sport’s most popular video game.

      San Diego Studio, developers of MLB The Show, announced in a recent live stream that Old Comiskey Park will be included in the 2023 release of the game. The iconic field will be part of the game’s new six “era-specific” stadiums that will accompany the eight Negro League players being highlighted.

      Comiskey Park’s inclusion is part of the game’s six new “era specific” stadiums. Specifically, the version included is Comiskey Park from 1911-1951. That means it won’t be exactly the same stadium where Ron Kittle and Dick Allen hit balls onto the roof, it’ll be the place where all-time greats like Lou Gehrig and Ted Williams launched moon shots.

      The team had to go to extreme lengths in order to accurately depict these historical figures and landmarks. Because of the time period these players played in, there are not many photographs and recordings of their games. The team working on this mode had to get creative in how they would find what they needed to put these players into the game. For example, Ramone talked about how for one of the uniforms in the game, there were only photos of players from the waist up. In order to figure out how to design the pants, they had to find an old bobblehead toy to know what they looked like.

      In addition, the video game developers announced that Chicago’s South Side Park will also be available. Falling in the 1929-1932 date range, the stadium was home to the Chicago American Giants, one of the founding members of the Negro National League. The old ballpark also hosted the White Sox before the construction of White Sox Park, soon to be named Comiskey Park, where the Giants eventually shared the grounds starting in 1941 while the Sox were on the road.

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